Innovative solutions – made by eder.

We identify new technologies and trends… and we develop innovative solutions! In doing so, we benefit from longstanding cooperations with associations and technical colleges and an extensive network of industrial partners.

  • vSHOT

    vSHOT is an online-based software tool, that you can use to configure and create photorealistic 3D visualizations according to your requirements. With vSHOT you visualize your ideas more quickly - for yourself and others. Efficient, flexible and cost effective.

    With the vSHOT user interface, you have direct access to connected databases. This allows you to easily and comfortably configure the vehicle, that is to be visualized and select the desired background - all without having to switch from one system to another. You don't need 3D expertise, nor do you need to have control over a complex CGI workflow. 

    The configured image is created on external servers and made available to you as a download link with the click of a button.



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  • ederMCS

    ederMCS is the first high-end multi-color technology to be globally patented. Multi-color separation opens up a completely new, breathtaking dimension in the scope of color printing. Anything is possible – in fascinating high-end quality with up to seven separate color channels. In this we serve as a glowing example worldwide. The German Patent Office was of the same opinion.


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