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Get prospective customers excited about your products – digitally or directly at the point of sale. High-quality presentation of product information is the key, before, during and after purchase. Thereby we cover all touchpoints along the customer journey.


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Our services as an agency for product communication.

How to make it more ‘pop’.
We offer you the full package for modern, digital product presentation – from consultancy and creation to technical implementation in-house. As an agency, we provide you with a variety of possibilities for digital product communication. Fascinate your customers with sophisticated CGI visualisations, virtual product experiences and configurators detailing all the product variants and what they do.

Road Map.

Consulting & creation

In concept design for digital media, knowledge of the technical possibilities and a well-founded estimate of costs make all the difference. Outstanding, lasting quality reflecting your specifications is the result. Together with our customers, we develop optimal product communication for their products. Technical implementation in-house allows us to combine specialist knowledge and innovation as early as the consultancy and creation stages.

Form the basics.

Product data management

As an agency for product communication, we build a virtual version of your product – what we call a “digital twin”. This incorporates your CAD data, the implementation of the product logic for all variants and the product information involved. We know how critical the right product data management is for your digital sales and marketing communication as you develop.

It’s getting real.

Product visualisation & content creation

We can produce sophisticated CGI visualisations of your products, explanatory animations and interactive media – in real time as well. Thereby we prepare your content in such a way that it reaches and moves your customers. Target group-specific, intuitive and emotional. We are passionate about quality and about presenting the product accurately so it can be showcased digitally across devices, media and channels.

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IT systems & tools

We at eder develop IT solutions for digital product communication they can connect IT, the virtual product and content production. Web-based platforms for product approvals, database publishing applications and product configurators mean you can respond quickly to changing market situations.
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