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Andreas Eder ist Geschäftsführer der Agentur eder und Experte für Content Creation und Marketing-Asset-Management

Andreas Eder

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Apprenticeships are a central pillar of our approach to HR development

We see it as our responsibility as a company to offer young people good opportunities for training. Indeed, apprenticeships are a central pillar of our approach to HR development – and have proved very successful for 50 years and counting. Indeed, we are able to give our apprentices an outstanding basis for a career in what continues to be a future-focused industry and, at the same time, invest in professional training for our junior staff.

A well-rounded training concept involving regular courses and events (both within the agency and beyond) provide specific development opportunities and support for the younger members of the team. Many of our apprentices have passed their exams with top marks and successfully taken the next step forward within our agency.

At present, 16 job starters across our various locations are enrolled on a range of apprenticeships and study courses. They include media designers focusing on 2D or 3D, IT specialists, and students majoring in media design or business studies, sales, marketing and communication.

Alongside the professional element, we also emphasize the “non-work” side of things – the pleasure as well as the business, you might say. That’s why we’ve introduced the “eder Azubi Tag” apprentices day. Held once a year, the event lays on a selection of experiences, such as an extensive tour of a Mercedes-Benz factory (followed by a burger) or a daytrip to Munich for a guided tour around the “Bavaria Filmstadt” TV and movie set experience centre. This has allowed our apprentices to develop a better understanding not only of our customers and their products, but also the technology behind the various media.

The digital format of this year’s edition of the event – the “eder Azubi Tag 2021 – Corona Edition” presented a new challenge for all of us, and below you can read what our apprentices said about it. We certainly had a lot of fun, and all of us were able to take away something useful for the future.

Overall, the digital Azubi Tag was a bit different, full of laughs and a successful event for these covid times.“

Noah Bach, Dual Student Mediadesign

Back in 2020 we managed to squeeze in a day at the Bavaria Filmstadt studios in Munich before the pandemic took hold. Although we had to “go digital” this year, that did have its benefits, with an extra element of the unexpected; nobody really knew how the day would pan out. “Out of the Box” was the subject of the e-mail containing the Teams invite. But what did that mean? Thinking outside the box? Going out/being outdoors? That would be nice, of course, but also difficult to work into a video call. Guessing wasn’t getting us very far, better just to enjoy the surprise.

And so we hooked up our microphones, headphones (and synapses), joined the meeting and waited to see what was in store. Andreas Eder welcomed the team and opened the event. Next up was Mr Justus, with his “Out of the Box”…box. Our mission was to work as a team to solve a series of tasks – and open that mysterious container. Essentially, it was a kind of “digital escape-room-lite”. So we got cracking with the first challenge: Our plane had crash-landed in the desert and we only had limited resources at our disposal. Our task was to rank those resources in order of importance to our survival.
After a quick chat, we settled on a strategy. We would trek across the desert to the next settlement, 100 km or so away. That would make navigation tools – such as the compass or aeronautical map – a lot handier than the big red-and-white parachute, for example. Granted, in hindsight schlepping 100 km across the desert when it’s 47°C in the shade doesn’t sound too wise. But right then, immersed in the task, we were all convinced our plan was a good one. As we later discovered, survival experts recommend spreading out the parachute, lying down in the shade and waiting for help. A lesson learned.

On to the next task: It’s Uncle Robert’s birthday, but nobody knows his age. We have to find out how old he would be and on which day he was born – but all we’ve got to help us is a stack of rather confusing family information.
But that’s ok, we know what to do! We had soon sorted the information into a family tree of sorts. The team was able to solve the puzzle pretty quickly from how the ages of the family members linked together. We were on a roll now, ripping through the next few tasks and all having a lot of fun. In the end, the points we had collected during the tasks were enough to open the box. What was inside? I can’t tell you, I’m afraid – you’ll have to “crack the case” yourself!

If you’d like to join the next “Azubi Tag” event, please contact us at the agency now.

We are also keen for our junior staff to play a role in shaping the working world of tomorrow. For example, our apprentices will be reporting on their experiences and activities at the agency here on this blog. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and make sure you’re always up to speed.