Apprenticeship as media designer 3D


Hannah Krause
21 years old
Product Data Management
Training as media designer 3D
2nd apprenticeship year

Ausbildung bei der Agentur eder.

Agency eder – a strong partner

As a leading agency for digital product communication, eder develops and implements a wide variety of media for world-renowned clients on a daily basis, mainly from the automotive industry. Digital artwork such as 3D-visualisations, interactive applications, product configurators or various
3D-animations are produced internally by several teams from the concept creation to the finished content.

About me

I have always been interested in media and loved watching animated films. For this reason, I decided to complete my high school graduation with a specialisation in design and media technology. This is where I started to gain my first experiences with 3D. And because I would like to learn more about 3D in the future, I was one of the first to start the newly offered apprenticeship as a digital and print media designer with focus in 3D at the agency eder directly.

Die Agentur eder erstellt 3D Produkt-Visualisierungen.

My activity during the practical phase

First and second year of apprenticeship
I spent the first two years of my apprenticeship at the agency eder in the product data management team. Initially, I was introduced to the topic of data preparation and familiarised with product configurators through a few small projects and subtasks. My task is to prepare the raw data we receive from the customers for the further process. This includes checking and adjusting the tessellation and data volume of the model and assigning textures. Depending on the customer, final image compositions can then be configured from the resulting elements using code chains.

My activity during the practical phase

Third year of training
In the third year of my apprenticeship, my field of activity changes and I move to the 3D visualisation department. Here, the scenes are finally created and optimally illuminated using virtual light sources. With the help of a virtual camera the final composition can then be created. Additional functions such as camera movements or moving elements can be added as required. For further processing, the final 3D product visualisation is then rendered, taking into account all the previously made settings.

Die Agentur eder erstellt 3D Fahrzeugvisualisierungen.
Die Agentur eder erstellt 3D Datenmodelle.

My theory phases

About one third of the training consists of theory phases at the Johannes Gutenberg School in Stuttgart (Germany). With a class of 32 students, the training is initially based on classic media design content. From the second year onwards, there is a specification of the digital area, which includes web design and web programming. But general education content such as German, English and Communication are also part of the study plan.

Agentur eder Ausbildung Mediengestalter 3D.

My conclusion

I’m very happy to be one of the first to complete the training as a Media Designer Digital and Print design with focus on 3D. The agency eder already has many years of know-how in this very complex field. As a result, I‘m always helped by the very friendly team. I look forward working at eder agency in the future as well and continue to implement exciting projects.

Ausbildung Mediengestalter 3D bei der Agentur eder.