Optimised product data is the key to the metaverse

Robert Laub ist Geschäftsführer der Agentur eder und Experte für Digital Twin und Online Produkt-Konfiguratoren.

Robert Laub

Managing partner agency eder

The appetite of the metaverse for dynamic content is increasing the demand for images, streams, animations and interactive content on a pretty much constant basis, while lead times are getting shorter all the time and budgets are shrinking. Against this backdrop, the focus of marketing – alongside the usual strategic and conceptional concerns – will be frequently on how the assets are created and deployed (mostly using CGI). It also makes a lot of sense to look closer at the data structures of the development departments when it comes to marketing.

Digging deeper into the “data mine” often reveals some genuine treasures.

More often than not, raw data is available which, when prepared and processed intelligently, can lead to faster-acting assets that are right for the product and deliver on quality. Here, it is important to expand and optimise the existing data structure – and potentially feed in additional information such as configuration and sales logic – for visualisation purposes. In an ideal scenario, you will then be able to generate the right kind of individual assets at the push of a button.

You often hear concerns from industry about the work involved in “raising the treasure”.

“Single data source” optimisations lead to very substantial synergies when it comes to the output from this data. Plus, with the right agency support, the work involved can be focused effectively on the production pipeline – using expertise in the fields of engineering, sales logic, visualisation know-how and IT. So the blood, sweat, tears (and expense) can then be kept at a much lower level than many would suspect.

Just as there are no diamonds without a mine, there can be no metaverse without the content to feed it.

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So, in the same way as you need mines to get your hands on those shiny diamonds, if there’s no content there will be no metaverse. And generating well-targeted content efficiently and quickly is only possible when the right quality of product data is in place.
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