Apprenticeship as media designer 2D


Yannik Walther Astorgano
21 years old
Training as media designer 2D
digital and print
2nd apprenticeship year
Ausbildung bei der Agentur eder.

The versatile employer – agency eder

As a leading agency for digital product communication, we support companies in perfectly presenting and effectively marketing their products on all devices, media and channels. With our wide range of services, we manage to map the digital and real touchpoints along the customer journey in an appealing and sustainable way. Impressive images for print and online applications as well as animations and product films inspire.

About me

My name is Yannik Walther Astorgano and I am 21 years old. After graduating from secondary school, I didn’t know at first how I wanted to shape my professional future. Since I already liked to draw as a child and also preferred to work on the computer during my secondary school days, I came up with the idea of completing my technical diploma with the parallel training as a photo and media technical assistant. After these intensive two years, I started at the agency eder with my training as a media designer digital and print with focus on 2D.
Die Agentur eder erstellt 3D Produkt-Visualisierungen.

My activity during the practical phase

My training started in the 2D team. In the first few weeks, I was introduced to everyday work in the agency with a variety of tasks and with smaller jobs. Later, I also worked in this team on major projects for well-known customers. My area of responsibility includes creating media for digital and printed use, maintaining and redesigning price lists as well as retouching and editing images.

My activity during the practical phase

In the second year of the apprenticeship at eder, it is customary to transfer the field of activity to another team. So I am currently working in the 2D team of post-production/compositing. This is very great for me, as I am given a different level of expertise in this area. In addition to image editing, I also learn how to create after effects for the professional sector of film and video post-production.
Die Agentur eder erstellt 3D Fahrzeugvisualisierungen.

My theory phases

At the Johannes-Gutenberg-Schule in Stuttgart/Bad Cannstatt I get an insight into many other areas of the media design profession. As versatile as this profession shows itself in everyday life, so versatile are the areas of application. On the one hand, there are the areas of image processing as well as media designers with a focus on print creation, conception and many more. The lessons are therefore also very varied. From classic image editing to simple programming, everything is included. Of course, other learning content such as English, German and Communications are also taught, but these are usually always related to the profession of a media designer.
Agentur eder Ausbildung Mediengestalter 3D.

My conclusion

I am glad to have chosen this profession because it is versatile and creative. There is no boredom. I also find the change to different teams very positive, as I would like to learn as much as possible and now also get an insight into working with video programs. At eder many career prospects are open to me, as a wide range of services is available and additional qualifications are possible at any time.

The team at eder is very competent and collegial. You always have a contact person to whom you can turn if you have any questions and then receive an answer immediately. I very much hope that after the training I will get a permanent position to continue working in a great team as a media designer.

Ausbildung Mediengestalter 3D bei der Agentur eder.