A 3D all-rounder with a passion for the job


Marcel Schulz
27 years old
3D all-rounder
since 2017 at eder
Ausbildung bei der Agentur eder.

Where did your journey begin?

I started out on my Media Designer Digital & Print training at eder in 2017, focusing on 2D. I was super-excited about the training from day one, not least because there was a lot of automotive stuff to get involved with.

Your time at eder

During my 2D training I soon realized that 3D was another area I was really interested in. Luckily, I was also able to pick up plenty of additional knowledge in the Product Data Preparation team in that first year of my training. My passion for 3D was now booming and I knew this was something I wanted to do more of in the future. So from year two of my Media Designer training, I specialized in 3D.
Die Agentur eder erstellt 3D Produkt-Visualisierungen.
You encounter new and exciting challenges every day.
Over the years, I’ve also spent a good deal of my free time working with 3D programs. So being able to deliver fascinating projects for high-profile global clients at eder – who are one of the sector leaders – is as good as it gets. With each project I have learned new skills and tools, such as 3D illumination, perspectives creation and V-Ray, which means my skillset is always growing. No two projects are ever the same. And that’s what makes delivering each one an exciting technical challenge.

When your training turns into your job

After I’d completed my Media Designer 3D training, I took up a full-time role at eder in the 3D team. I’ve since become an integral part of the team when it comes to implementing customer projects. With 3D evolving on a daily basis, I’m always finding new challenges and ways to develop. For example, we’ve recently started to use gaming engines to create product visualizations in real time.
What are the most interesting things about your job?
Every day is exciting and you can never be sure what’s going to happen. I like not knowing what’s in store when I get up in the morning. I get a buzz out of solving problems as they crop up and have been involved in turning challenging projects into results. I can bring in my own personal ideas and work with the team to make them reality. That’s the part I like most.
Can you tell us about a particularly special experience or something you’re proud of personally?
Yes. Because I also spend a lot of time away from work experimenting with 3D, there are many projects I’m really proud of. Early on in my training, I used to bring these projects into the office to show my colleagues what I could do. I’m pleased to say they were impressed, which was an awesome feeling!
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