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eder Trainee Day 2022 – ZKM Karlsruhe

The wait was over: the calendar had finally clicked over to the fourth eder “Azubi Tag” event for our apprentices and students. A popular tradition since its inception in 2019, this annual invitation to venture outside work together for a day was once again a great success. This year we headed to ZKM in Karlsruhe, where a smorgasbord of exhibitions lay in store.
How do human beings and artificial forms of life interact? This was the question posed by the exhibition BioMedia. The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior.
A wide variety of installations bringing together art and science were presented in Atrium 8+9. Experimental artworks, a mirror offering personal messages, a virtual world – you name it, we got involved.
For further insights into and information about the BioMedia exhibition, go to
But the BioMedia exhibition was not our only port of call. In Atrium 1+2 we discovered the permanent exhibition zkm_gameplay. the next level.

Computer games have been a fixture of ZKM since 1997. Video game culture and its social and aesthetic significance can be experienced interactively through the game collection here, which is constantly gaining new additions.

Split into five themes (or levels), the exhibition brings together a rich array of games. On level 1 we travelled back in time to the origins of the gaming world with retro favourites, including classics such as Pacman, Donkey Kong and many more. Level 2 introduced games with diverse and unique narratives. Games majoring in the creative and innovative were the focal point of level 3, often stretching their boundaries beyond the computer as a medium. Level 4 was the place to dabble in political games and level 5 caught us up with the latest developments across this fascinating world.

So wrapped up were we in the wealth of games at hand that we completely lost track of time. Who knows how long we’d have stayed there given the chance!

Further information on the exhibition zkm_gameplay is available here
We rounded off the day with a meal together at an Italian restaurant in Karlsruhe, before setting off back to Stuttgart. Minds have already wandered ahead to next year’s trip. Who knows where we’ll end up in 2023, but something tells me it’s going to be good.