Digital product presentation: Making products a virtual experience

Leave a lasting impression.
Presenting your products accurately across all devices, media and channels will create a lasting impression with your customers. Showcase your products from every angle and in every detail – with the help of 3D renderings. Whether as an explanatory video, a photorealistic product images, engaging animations or interactive applications. All visualisations of your products inspire along the entire customer journey.
Product Visualisation & Content Creation: Our Products and Services
Realistic. Convincing.

product visualisations

You want to inspire your customers with animations, explanatory videos, product films or impressive images for print and online applications? First-class product visualisations will put a smile on your customers’ faces. With a high aesthetic standard, we present materials and surfaces of your products in a photorealistic and convincing way. You benefit from individual solutions for fast, efficient and flexible product visualisation. We realise these primarily in 3D.

product presentation

We offer you a cost-efficient production for large numbers of images or explanatory videos, all made possible by automated processes. You can access additional digital content on demand, so you can adapt your sales and marketing communication quickly and with flexibility.

Technical editing

Technical editing is an essential part of product communication. Based on the data from your PIM systems, we generate content such as technical descriptions, price information, voiceover texts for explanatory animations or complete digital operating manuals. In close coordination with your product management, we create comprehensive sales documents or product explanations that are tailored to the needs of your customers and convincingly communicate the advantages of your products.

product experiences

Inspire your customers with 360˚ visualisations, such as round flights, turn-arounds or with real-time configurators. With our 3D visualisations, you create impressive, realistic product experiences that convince. Digital product presentations help you to take your technological presence to the next level in a dynamic market environment.


Für MAN Truck & Bus erstellt die Agentur eder 360° Produktpraesentationen und interaktive Anwendungen.
MAN Truck & Bus
Product Launch
As well as beauty shots and product films for the wide-ranging presentation of new-generation MAN trucks, we also created a digital product catalogue and multi-lingual interactive application.
Die Agentur eder entwickelt animierte Videos und 3D-Visualisierungen inklusive der visuellen und redaktionellen Content Creation.
Digital owner’s manuals
We used CGI visualisation and animation to present and explain complex content and functions in a sophisticated but also clearly understandable way and with high product accuracy – in more than 40 languages and for all Mercedes-Benz model series.
Als Agentur für Produktkommunikation bietet eder digitales Artwork als One-Source-Production für alle Kanaele und Medien.
Digital Artwork
Due to the perfect CGI visualisation of the vehicles, the BMW models present themselves convincingly and in the highest quality on all devices, media and channels.
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We realise high-quality product visualisations and content creation.
Are you looking for a reliable and professional agency to support you in product visualisation? You want to present your products in impressive quality, true to detail and understandable? In a no-obligation discussion with our experts for CGI and content creation, we will take a closer look at your products and show you the possibilities of product visualisation.

For superb product presentation, we design and produce photo-realistic visualisations that are configurable and can be used flexibly anywhere.

Other services we provide

Connecting skills.


Consulting & creation

We create and develop the right concept for your digital product. After all, when it comes to concept design for digital media, an eye for the technical possibilities – and a solid idea of what it’s going to cost – is critical.

Form the

Product data management

We can create a “digital twin” to underpin modern, future-proof communication and presentation of your products. And we also offer consulting and expertise to optimise the digitalisation of your products.
Keep it

IT systems & tools

Have you experienced the full benefits of web-based platforms for product approvals and database publishing applications in your digital product communication? They can connect IT, the virtual product and content production, and help you respond quickly to changing market situations.