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Online tools tailored to our clients’ need profiles smooth, accelerate and automate processes from initial briefing to finished end product. Our artwork approval gadgetry, finely judged asset management and database publishing systems with customised interfaces to your systems make data and information sharing that much easier.
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Our web-based platforms help make the approval process for your packaging clear and transparent. All the correction steps for the various project phases are documented and can be revisited further down the line.


An asset management system will give you a clear overview of your product images and enable you to make them available to retail and franchise partners at any time – if it’s doing its job properly. There are no worries on that front with the asset management system we design, implement and host across your sales channels, because we tailor it to your needs. Our system automatically generates the required image formats (web/ print).

sales channels

Wouldn’t it be good to maintain a consistent brand image throughout your partners’ output media, platforms and applications? We can deliver this with the help of centralised systems which guarantee across-the-board standardisation of formats and technically correct implementation. You will benefit from the comprehensive expertise we have built up in the co-development of the GS1 image standard, which applies throughout Europe.
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Die Agentur eder bietet für sämtliche MARS Produkte ein zentrales Marketing-Asset-Management.
Media asset management
Product images and packshots can be managed and looked after in an automated process through an asset management system. MARS provides the required artwork from a central system for its trading partners as well as for marketing and sales.
Für die Carl Kühne AG entwickelt die Agentur eder ein Artwork-Abnahmetool.
Carl Kühne AG
Web-based approval tool
We use a web-based artwork tool to simplify approval processes for product images and packaging. Various different departments at Carl Kühne AG use this interface to keep track of developments through every phase of the approval process.
Für Eckes-Granini erstellt die Agentur eder Artworks für den Pago Relaunch.
Eckes-Granini Pago
Worldwide label launch
For the worldwide Pago labels relaunch, we hired a print management system to provide transparent and automated label production. The result: a consistent, range-wide brand appearance for Pago’s fruit juices.
Packaging is a key part of the product communication toolkit.
We help you produce packaging that is right for your product and meets your requirements. If that sounds good to you, get in touch – message or call us at any time.

& print management

Packaging is central to a brand. We offer a one-stop service and cover the full packaging prepress stage up to technical implementation and final print approval. All the data we send out reflects your CI and meets the latest standards.
Consulting & creation
Bespoke packaging concepts require a holistic approach, so it’s important you can rely on profound advice. That’s where we come in – with the right concept for your product packaging, from initial idea to finished product. All so your products can steal the show at the point of sale (POS).
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