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Packaging and print management

Packaging as a core element of the product brand.

All eyes on your products.
We offer you a one-stop service, which means we handle all aspects of a project – from design development to production of your product packaging. We look after your brands in keeping with your CI specifications. Whether you go for a single colour or special colour finishes, and for the full journey up to print approval – we do it all.
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Artwork creation

Artwork creation is a key part of our work. We integrate the desired texts into your dimensional drawings – in all languages and according to your CI specifications. Whether in a single colour or 10 different shades, with high-end image retouching or special colour finishes, we’ll get your packaging ready for the full range of printing options and digital applications.

product visualisation

We produce professional packshots according to your exact specifications for eCommerce and digital applications. And you can choose from a variety of options – from product images taken from every angle, through a 360° round flight to interactive applications.

for all channels

Our flexible systems allow us to produce data quickly and easily for any type of printing process, e.g. offset, flexo or gravure. And we also output an extremely wide range of file formats for online media. This ensures the brand image is expressed correctly and consistently across all channels.

Visual Merchandising –
Category Management

Considering your individual customer needs, we create region- and sales-specific assortment and placement recommendations in photorealistic 3D product images. Through successful visual merchandising, you turn customers into real fans of your products!
Agentur eder: Produktkommunikation, Visual Merchandising und Category Management
Directly from the shelf.
Die Agentur eder übernimmt für Unilever auch die fachliche Unterstützung der Designagenturen.
Print management agency
We provide a full range of services for Unilever – from artwork production, through coordination with printing companies and technical support for the design agencies involved, to CGI visualisations of the packshots.
Für Lorenz Bahlsen erstellt die Agentur eder Verpackungen und POS-Materialien.
Lorenz Bahlsen
Artwork creation
Our packaging professionals monitor conformity with LMIV food information regulations and supply final artwork with special colour finishes ready for printing. We’re betting our product packaging will whet a lot of appetites for Lorenz Bahlsen snacks.
Für MARS Produkte Food und Pet Care bietet die Agentur eder ein zentrales Marketing-Asset-Management.
2D/3D product images
Stunning product images ensure all MARS products are presented professionally on both eCommerce platforms and shelves at the point of sale (POS).
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& creation
Bespoke packaging concepts require a holistic approach, so it’s important you can rely on profound advice. That’s where we come in – with the right concept for your product packaging, from initial idea to finished product. All so your products can steal the show at the point of sale (POS).
IT systems
& tools
Ensuring your product ranges and communication tools are managed and operated as efficiently as possible requires systems that work with automated processes – such as direct interfacing with your in-house systems. Here, our IT tools provide just the support you need.
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