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So that you can manage and control your content more effectively, we offer IT tools for automating processes. Linking them with your own systems connects the pathway between IT, virtual product and content production.
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Product approvals
with VR mock-up

We offer web-based platforms for product agreement and product release. A live workflow enables ease of use and ensures spot-on product data, which you can integrate simply and seamlessly into your visual marketing assets. Find out more here with our VR-Mockup.


We design and develop individual configuration solutions, from backend technology to finished application. A 3D configurator opens up a neat online experience for your customers and allows them to accurately view and experience the product they’ve selected from a large number variants.

Artwork and
asset management

Reduce the work you do manually with automated management and use of images. Asset management systems make product images quick to locate and ensure centralised provision for external businesses. And guess what: we also have the right IT solutions for your artwork management.

publishing systems

We offer database publishing systems to enable automated creation and management of promotional materials such as price lists and catalogues. This helps you get your products to market more quickly and to provide detailed information tailored to the target audience across all communication channels.

Running systems.

MARS Handelspartner beziehen Medien-Assets schnittstellenfrei aus einem zentralen MAM-System der Agentur eder.
Digital Warehouse – media asset management
eder - Agentur für digitale Produktkommunikation erstellt für BMW Kataloge/Preislisten.
BMW Region Europe
The “want to have” effect – BMW catalogue price lists
Für BMW-Motorrad entwickelt die Agentur eder 360° Outdoor Online Konfiguratoren.
BMW Motorrad
The configurator for the next adventure – R1250 models
There is an app for everything.
Invite people to experience
your products.
We use our IT systems and tools to make sure your products can be experienced by your customers in detail – with interactive content in the form of a real-time application, if desired.
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