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Digitalising your products is vital for accelerating and constantly updating sales and marketing communication. With the help of our product data management, we can correctly display, configure and link your product to all relevant data and information. Our main service in the field of product data management is the creation of 3D models, so-called digital twins. A centrally used database serves as the basis for good product communication.

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Central 3D
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Correct processing of CAD data plays an important role in building visualisation-capable 3D models of your products. We convert your CAD data into a dynamic 3D data pool and sophisticated CGI visualisations, explanatory animations and real-time applications for your product in all its variations. This also enables digital lifecycle management.

Product logic for all configurations

Good understanding of the product logic allows us to correctly present all variants of your product. This is especially important for the presentation in an online configurator. Add in the model data we’ve been working on and you’ll always have the right visualisation and configuration for every product variant and country-specific version.

3D models as digital twins

A digital twin is created from a central 3D product pool in conjunction with the correct interconnection of the product logic. Digital twins are used on all sales channels and accurately depict the real product in the digital world. What this means is you can engage with your customers individually and take them through all the variants, functions and attributes of your products digitally and clearly.

Digital Lifecycle Management

Our product data management processes ensure an up-to-date digital data model accompanies your product throughout its life cycle. After all, the digital basis for your product communication needs to develop in step with the product itself.


Cloning projects.

Die Agentur eder erstellt Online Fahrzeug Konfiguratoren für Mercedes-Benz.
Mercedes-Benz Cars
Ready to start – central product data manage­ment
Die Agentur eder nutzt eine smarte und effiziente Medienproduktion für die 3D-Visualisierungen der HAMM AG.
Giants on the road – Digital Twins in action
Die Agentur eder entwickelt Online Produkt-Konfiguratoren.
MINI Australia
Fast and agil – The MINI online configurator
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Our product data management is as individual as your products themselves. We always have advice at the ready and work with you to find the best possible solution for your digital product.
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