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A centrally accessed database is the heart of good product communication. This digital twin, as we would call it, reaches across all sales channels. A digital twin ensures your products are correctly presented, configured and linked with all relevant product data and information. And that leads to relevant content for rapid product communication.

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Centrally accessed

Correct processing of CAD data plays an important role in building visualisation-capable 3D models of your products. We convert your CAD data into a dynamic 3D data pool and sophisticated CGI visualisations, explanatory animations and real-time applications for your product in all its variations.

Product logic

Good understanding of the product logic allows us to correctly present all variants of your product. Add in the model data we’ve been working on and you’ll always have the right visualisation and configuration for every product variant and country-specific version.

Digital twins

Digitalising your products is vital for accelerating and constantly updating sales and marketing communication. What this means is you can engage with your customers individually and take them through all the variants, functions and attributes of your products digitally and clearly.

Product life cycle

Our product data management processes ensure an up-to-date digital data model accompanies your product throughout its life cycle. After all, the digital basis for your product communication needs to develop in step with the product itself.


Cloning projects.

Die Agentur eder wandelt CAD-Daten zu einem dynamischen 3D-Datenpool um und erzeugt einen Digital Twin.

Mercedes-Benz Vans

Central product data management

The complex and multi-faceted product configuration used for Mercedes-Benz Vans is built on strong product data management. The underlying structure, product logic and configuration ensure functionality is maintained throughout the life cycle of the digital product models.


Online configurator
A digital twin is essential tech when it comes to visualising the MINI full model line-up. And it also means all the images can be used for other applications in sales and marketing communication. That saves time and money, which is rarely a bad thing.


Visual product communications
For the technically complex product portfolio of HAMM AG, a large number of CGI visualisations accurately reflecting the product were implemented quickly. We were able to do this in-house using our automated image creation process.
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Our product data management is as individual as your products themselves. We always have advice at the ready and work with you to find the best possible solution for your
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Consulting & creation

We create and develop the right concept for your digital product. After all, when it comes to concept design for digital media, an eye for the technical possibilities – and a solid idea of what it’s going to cost – is critical.
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Product visualisation & media production

We’re a leading 3D visualisation agency, and that means building product-oriented content that’s big on clarity. You’ll find yourself showcasing your products with sophisticated CGI visualisations, explanatory animations and interactive media – and in real-time, if that adds an extra edge.
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IT systems & tools

Have you experienced the full benefits of web-based platforms for product approvals and database publishing applications in your digital product communication? They can connect IT, the virtual product and content production, and help you respond quickly to changing market situations.