Online and in 3D

Kitchen dreams
BLANCO is all about the detail – i.e. taking a tap, a sink and a waste management/ separation system, and imagining them into a simpler, more thoroughly conceived unit.

Digital showroom

The BLANCO configurator makes it easy for customers to create their own kitchen virtually at home, so the groundwork is in place for personalised, flexible advice to work its magic. The variety of functions, designs, colours and materials available can produce more variations than you dare imagine.

Quantity with quality

Strength (and class) in numbers
We produced more than 400,000 CGI product images to bring the configurator to life. A wide array of photorealistic graphics were created with three levels of brightness for the modern, Scandinavian and industrial styles.
Just a click away
Variety at the touch of a button
BLANCO offers myriad installation options for sinks, taps and waste systems, and these can now be presented from various different perspectives. The quality of the CGI visualisations we create is enriched by many years of experience, a deep understanding of images and an extensive back-catalogue of high-quality projects.

The perfect visualisation

Step by Step.
We use design data to create detailed 3D models that can then be finished using photorealistic materials.
We work with our customers to hit upon distinctive perspectives, which are then lit and visualised.
The product is automatically integrated into the overall set under the expert eye of the eder “Edvisor”. And then we fine-tune the visuals to ensure the image is ready for use.
The configurator experts

Personal product configurators

We develop bespoke solutions to cover the full scope of what you offer. The great thing about our flexible processes is that they make the options pretty much unlimited. And that means your customers can experience your product and its variations with ease.
eder x mediaman
Making the BLANCO online configurator a reality was a collaborative affair. The approach and concept were put in place by digital agency mediaman (, while the visual digital content was all produced in-house at eder.
A good configurator will sell your products for you
Get your customers excited about your products with fresh energy and brio. We can create a configuration system specifically for you that will showcase your whole product range. Find out more now – free of obligation and charge.
Für BMW-Motorrad entwickelt die Agentur eder 360° Outdoor Online Konfiguratoren.
BMW Motorrad
The configurator for the next adventure – R1250 models
Mercedes Benz CLS Coupe Studio Hell
Mercedes-Benz Cars
Attention to details – the CLS Coupe configurator
Für Hansgrohe entwickelt die Agentur eder Online Produkt-Konfiguratoren.
Spotless appearence – Hansgrohe online configurator